Tease Workout Announces Lap Dance Class Schedule

Looking for a fun supplement to your pole dancing workout? Consider taking a Tease Workout Lap Dance Class.

There are two available classes you can take: Saturday, October 18th at 7pm or Sunday October 19th at 7pm

What can you expect from these classes? According to Tease Workout owner and president Kristin Hubbard, “Expect lots and lots of fun, bonding, and laughter as we take turns being the“lapdancer” and the “lapdancee”! You will learn a hot, hot, hot routine, complete with stripping tips.”

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Class length: 2 hours
  • What to bring: Whatever you want to strip out of…and don’t forget your heels!
  • Bring your ipod or a cd that moves you. What kind of music brings out the “sex kitten” in you?
  • Bring clothing that you would like to use during your “performance”. Some ideas might be, beautiful bra and panty set, a button down men’s shirt, a skirt and a blouse, a wrap skirt or dress, a slinky dress, a bathing suit, a costume, you get the idea, use your imagination. Just don’t forget your heels!
  • Bring Props. These are things that would be an extension of you and may make it easier on you if you are nervous. Examples of props might be a hat, a mask, a long coat, a boa, a long string of pearls.
  • Make sure your clothes are easy to get off. You don’t want to fumble getting jeans off over your shoes!
  • Layer up as much as you like. If you’re comfortable, plan to strip down to your bra and panties. If you’re not, wear a bathing suit, or tank top and shorts under your “peel-off clothes”. Just honor your own comfort level and don’t push yourself.
  • Think about your intention when you perform. Usually a lapdance / striptease is an unspoken conversation that intends to flirt, dominate, or submit. When you think about your intention, it will help you choose your outfit.
  • Come to class feeling relaxed and happy about your body. Have a sense of humor and be supportive of your sister students.

Cost per student: $40

To sign up, e-mail Kristin Hubbard


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