IDEA Health and Fitness Association’s Sandy Webster visits Tease Dance and Fitness

IDEA Health and Fitness Association’s Sandy Webster recently took a class with Tease Dance and Fitness President and Founder Kristin Hubbard. 
Read what Sandy had to say on her blog post: Reality Fitness, Pole Fitness


Considering trying pole dance classes? A message from Kristin

My beautiful shy girls,

Do you know how wonderful you are? At Tease we know.  We relish in it and we cheer ourselves and each other on.  How can I get you to just try one class?  One class will change your life.  I am so passionate about this I need to find a way to reach you!  90 minutes of you stepping out of your “box” will show you how to step into a whole new world of confidence, strength and sexuality.


I don’t want to hear anymore excuses my dear.  Ask the over 800 women who’s lives Tease has changed in the past 3 years.


Tease is more than just a workout.  It’s a playdate…it’s a therapy session…it’s your “me” time.

I can’t implore you enough to do this.  Even if it’s just a “teaser” or intro class. Give us 90 minutes to change everything you’ve ever known about what it means to be the glorious woman you are.

With all my love and big expectations for you,


Tease offering scholarships!

Sometimes because of financial hardships coming to classes can be tough.  We are going to start offering three scholarships each session.  We will pay for 1/2 of the student’s tuition.

You can’t nominate yourself, but you can nominate a friend.  Or, you can have someone nominate you!  Just send me an email at and let me know her story.  I’m looking for women who really need all that we offer spiritually, emotionally and physically, but have fallen on hard times.  I bet you know a woman like that!  I will let you know if your letter has been chosen a few days before the session starts.

FlirTease welcomes 2 new instructors

Please help me welcome our new instructors!

Katie Scoffield. I’m so glad this woman took my class this session.  As soon as I met her I knew she would be a great instructor.  Katie is a bundle of warm energy and love.  She is so talented and so vivacious, I can’t wait for you all to meet her!  Oh, did I mention she has the cutest Canadian accent?

Kimberly DePaola. Kimberly is a combination of a sex kitten and a cheerleader!  From the first day she came to the studio she was PASSIONATE about this movement.  She began teaching this session and has blown me away with her ability to lead a class, and nurture her students.  I’ve never seen anyone take to something so naturally.  Her students adore her, and so do I!!

Flirtease Announces May/June session

The new schedule is up on

Our May/June session starts the week of May 3rd, so please, please, please….. get those deposits in! 

You may notice that there are 2 schedule grids on the site now.  We are moving two doors down at the end of the month.  The space is more than double what we have now and we’ll have 2 studios!

Also, effective immediately we are doing an 8% increase which raises the session by $20, bringing an 8 week session to $270.

The good news is you can do the 3 session plan.  You can sign up and pre-pay for 3 sessions for $650, that’s only $216 per session! (must be paid in full up front, no refunds or cancellations allowed on this deal.)

You can register on the website, you can call me to register, or you can register with your instructor when you come to your class.  Bonus, thanks to our amazing Webmaster, Daria of Design Garden (whom I highly recommend!)  The registration page is much simpler than before!!