Considering trying pole dance classes? A message from Kristin

My beautiful shy girls,

Do you know how wonderful you are? At Tease we know.  We relish in it and we cheer ourselves and each other on.  How can I get you to just try one class?  One class will change your life.  I am so passionate about this I need to find a way to reach you!  90 minutes of you stepping out of your “box” will show you how to step into a whole new world of confidence, strength and sexuality.


I don’t want to hear anymore excuses my dear.  Ask the over 800 women who’s lives Tease has changed in the past 3 years.


Tease is more than just a workout.  It’s a playdate…it’s a therapy session…it’s your “me” time.

I can’t implore you enough to do this.  Even if it’s just a “teaser” or intro class. Give us 90 minutes to change everything you’ve ever known about what it means to be the glorious woman you are.

With all my love and big expectations for you,



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