Open pole classes will be available this summer

Tease Dance and Fitness is offering OPEN POLE classes for its students. The open pole classes can be done at your leisure to stay brushed up for the fall!

We will be offering these classes this session at the following day/times:

Tuesday: 8:10pm
Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 5pm
Friday: 6:35pm
Saturday: 1:15pm

Each class is 90 minutes and will give you time to warm up and work on anything that you like that you have ALREADY learned.  You must have completed level 1 or higher to take an open pole class.

We will only have 6 women in a class so reservations are REQUIRED to participate.

The costs are as follows:
1 open pole class: $35
package of 4 open pole classes: $120 ($30 each)  You can register for these classes on the website.

Please note the day/times of the classes you plan to attend in the notes section when you check out.  You can also call the studio to register.


Tease Dance and Fitness Adding Summer Intro Teaser Classes

We have lots of upcomming Intro “Teaser” Classes!  These classes give you a taste of everything we do in one of our 90 minute signature classes.  If you have a friend that is interested in trying us, you can take the class with her for free!

The cost of the class is $40, however, when you sign up for your 8 week session, we deduct the $40 from your balance!

Check out for more information about Teaser Classes

Here’s the dates!
Tuesday      6/23  6:35pm

Saturday     6/27  1:30pm

Tuesday      7/7    6:35pm

Wednesday  7/8   6:35pm

Saturday      7/11 1:30pm

Tease Dance and Fitness Prepares for Sultry, Summer Session

Our new session begins July 12th, so make sure you sign up this week

Summertime is a particularily fun time of the year for us.  Maybe it’s the heat, but we get a little goofy with the props, themes and summertime treats!

Going on Vacation?  No sweat!  You can make up that class at your convenience.  We’re also offering open plole classes this session. 

Don’t forget that we’ll also be offering Turbo Kick (Turbo Tease) this session.  If you want to add it on to your pole class it’s only $170 for the 8 week 90 minute class!

Tease Dance and Fitness to start offering ‘Turbo Tease’

Naperville, Ill.’s Tease Dance and Fitness is going to start offering Turbo-Kick! This fun fitness class is a high energy cross between traditional martial arts and sexy, fun dance moves! Of course at Tease, we’ll be “sexing it up” even more and re-naming it “Turbo Tease”!

We’re offering “Turbo Teasers” Introduction classes for just $10!

Here are the available dates:

Wednesday, June 24th @6:35pm
Monday, June 29th @8:10pm
Wednesday, July 1st @6:35pm
Monday, July 6th @ 5:00pm

Classes will be taught by the amazing Dani Laux who is so passionate about these classes. She’s been teaching them for years and has enjoyed watching the transformation in her students. So get ready to challenge your body and release your mind!

All classes need prior reservations due to limited space. Please call or email kristin at 630-901-9697 or to make your reservation.