Lapdance Classes will be available in August at Tease Dance and Fitness

Naperville, Illinois’ Tease Dance and Fitness will be holding two Lapdance classes August 22 and 23.

If you haven’t taken a lapdance class yet now is your chance!  Of course if you have taken a lapdace class or two you are more than welcome to come too!

It’s actually more of a party than a class, we have appetizers and drinks you learn a super sexy lapdance and striptease routine, and the giggles fly as we take turn being the “lapdancer” and the “lapdancee”!

You can wear whatever you’re comfortable in, as long as you have something on to strip out of.  This can be as basic as a men’s button down shirt over your clothes or as crazy as a costume over your undies!  Please sign up right away as these classes tend to fill right away.  The cost for this 2 hour party is $40 per person.  You are welcome to bring your friends as well, just get them signed up quick!

Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm
Sunday, August 23rd at 2pm

Call or email Kristin at 630-901-9697 or to reserve your spot


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