Tease Dance and Fitness introducing Nia classes

Naperville Pole Dance Studio Tease Dance and Fitness is introducing Nia to its summer/fall line-up. This class is a unique blending of the fluidity and focus of Tai Chi and yoga, the grace and spontaneity of modern dance, and the energy and explosiveness of martial arts, NIA boosts both physical and emotional well-being, say enthusiasts around the country.

Angie Martin is our Tease NIA instructor.  Angie is a beautiful, strong woman who has been involved in movement since she was 5 years old when she started dance lessons.  In 1995, she became certified  to teach group fitness clases.   She discovered yoga and enjoyed the healing aspects of the practice.  Her interest in yoga and the healing arts led her to the Nia Technique, which she has been teaching since earning her white belt in the summer of 2004.  She is currently a certified blue belt in the Nia Technique and enjoys seeing the changes that occur in her students…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Angie brings passion and energy to every class and is very open about how Nia has assisted in her own self healing and personal growth.  As a mother of two, she appreciates and understands how our bodies change over time, how energy levels vary day to day and even moment to moment, and how emotions affect our actions.  This is just one of the reasons Nia is so powerful…every BODY can move in its own way, regardless of age or fitness level.  She looks forward to sharing the Nia experience with you!

90 minute workshops will be held on:
Mon. 8/3: 5:00 pm
Wed. 8/4: 6:35 pm
Thurs. 8/5: 10:05 am
Sat. 8/8: 10:05 am

All workshops are $40 (however if you sign up for the September/October NIA session a $40 credit will be applied to the class fee.)

The 8 week sessions will be offered on the same day as the workshops beginning next session.

For more information on this incredible form of dance movement, go to  www.nianow.com

To register for the class, contact Kristin at kristin@teasedanceandfitness.com


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