A New Tease Student Blogs About Her Experience at Tease Dance and Fitness

There is no better feeling in the Tease studio than when one of our students offers a first-person testimonial about their experience at the studio. Liz, who recently took her first class, blogged about her first experience at Tease:

Moms Pole Dancing???

I may need to break this down into a few sub posts and continue editing while I am still processing the day.

The basics: I took a pole dancing class today. Yes. Me. Pole Dancing. Unsexy stay at home mom me started to learn how to swing around a pole.

A woman I know had taken these classes and raved about them and I always really wanted to be ‘sexy’. What better way to learn? I also have been looking for a way to get into shape, have fun, and have a little time on my own. Given my vision loss and the perspective that has been thrust into my lap I figured to go do it.

Of course a few days before the class was scheduled I came down with a nasty cold flu thing. In an attempt to knock out the virus I took massive amounts vitamin C- sadly I was unsuccessful and considered rescheduling the class. But my excitement took over and I was determined to make it.

It was an incredible work-out. Twenty minutes into the class my muscles were trembling- like they have not trembled in years.

There were so many unique things about this experience and this studio.

First my friend and I were driving following the GPS directions to go to the place and as we approached she and I discussed how nervous we both were. As we looked out the window trying to find the place we did not know what we were looking for or what to expect.

We we found it. With a huge sing reading “Pole Dancing”. We took a deep breath and went in. Inside we found a cozy looking sitting area with a comfy couch with beautiful pillows and brownie bites (clearly a woman was in charge). It was a warm and inviting space painted many shades of purple with a clearly feminine vibe. It was lovely. Suddenly we heard a ‘whoop’ from the room behind the door. My friend and I looked at each other uncertainly. The women there were kind and welcoming and very reassuring to those of us completely overwhelmed and very very out of our comfort-zone. We were invited to watch the advanced girls dance holy wow….did they dance. Climbing, flipping, swinging it was indescribable and hot. These ladies were beautiful and confidant and amazing. I wanted that.

We had to fill out some initial paperwork release of liability and such. Upon reading through the sheets I noticed something. The studio wanted to know more than about my income and address. They asked emotionally oriented questions. What were my goals…physically what did I want them to help me achieve? Emotionally was I looking to gain confidence- self esteem- body image improvement? What brought me there. Then even more than that they asked if we were having any challenging times that we needed support through. I have never been part of a ‘gym’ that openly and expressly cares for the whole woman.

It gets better (seriously- I think I fell in love)- they have a ‘code of ethics’ no negativity- you are not supposed to exude negative crap there- learn to love and accept and cherish ourselves- and that starts from the words we say. The founder and owner takes this very seriously- I will need to work on my positive thinking.

So in we went. Into a studio that had six poles, candle lit, with a wall of mirrors it was beautiful. We pulled out yoga mats and had a seat and our instructor (also the founder) and the co instructor told a little about their mission and how this studio came to be. The more I heard the more I loved.

She explained it is as connecting your physical and emotional selves through sensuality. Experiencing things in the moment. The fabric on your skin the scent of the candles. Touching your body and appreciating it for itself for the amazing things it has done and continues to do. Embracing the power that is in yourself physical and emotional. Understanding that your body will change but enjoying the journey appreciating the path and where it leads you on your journey- not just the end point.

Liz, We’re glad you found Tease and wish you many more sexy days to come!

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