January session is up on the website and ready for sign ups

We’re excited to announce the January schedule is now available on the Tease website.

We’re even more excited to announce new classes available this session. Along with our signature pole series, Burlesque, Pole Poise, Cardio Pole and Booty Camp, we’re adding 2 new classes to the Tease Fitness family!

This 90 minute class will be all about increasing your flexibility from head to toe!  We will begin with some moving meditation, dance and yoga flow to warm the body.  Space heaters will be used to keep the room nice and warm.  We will then move into deeper stretching into minor contortions alternating with some strengthening and lengthening of the muscles.  The music in this class will be soft and encouraging, inflicting a sense of well being as we let the natural weight of our bodies open up those joints and ligaments.  We will also work on some ballet moves to help us learn to let our fingers and toes reach and guide the body into it’s natural movement creating gorgeous, smooth dance moves.  Finally, we will work on any tricks that involve minor contortion moves such as the drop splits, back bends, and flexibility on the pole.  This will be a very holistic class that will be personal to each woman and guided by the realization that every body is different and every day is different for every body.  Fluidity and the all important BREATH will be the focus!  This class is open to all levels

Practice Pole
Having a pole in your home to practice with is a big investment.  This is an opportunity to come in each week, have a short warm up and spend the rest of class working on your tricks and your dance.  No new tricks will be taught, but you will get assistance on perfecting the things you have already learned.  This class is offered only as an add on class, you must be enrolled in a pole class to take this.

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