Dancing for a Cause: Tease Supports Reclaim13

Tease Dance and Fitness recently kicked off its fourth year of student showcases on Saturday, February 24, but this year’s event — which highlights students’ performances — had a more meaningful purpose.

Participants and audience members alike raised close to $400 for Reclaim13, a cause near to Founder Kristin McNabb’s heart.

The studio matched the donations at the event, providing $800 to be donated to Reclaim13’s cause: To end the sexual exploitation of children. reclaiminghope-webbanner_2018

Kristin and her husband, along with several other Tease students will also be joining Reclaim13 on March 10 as they dance the night away in Oakbrook Terrace for the Reclaiming Hope event.

The Reclaiming Hope event, will be held Saturday, March 10, 8-10 p.m. at the Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Oakbrook Terrace. You can learn more about the Reclaim Hope event, as well as learning more about Reclaim13 on their website: http://www.reclaim13.org.

Stay tuned to the Tease blog for more information about this incredible cause and how Tease plans to continue to support it.


Tease to offer Belly Dancing in Spring Schedule

Laura Belly Dance 2Looking to add a little more shimmy to your life? In addition to offering our Burlesque classes, Aurora’s own Tease Dance and Fitness will be offering Belly Dancing classes in our Spring schedule. Taught by Laura, the classes will be offered weekly during our March/April session.

Like pole and burlesque, Belly dance is very empowering. It’s all about using your femininity and curves in a way that’s natural and comfortable for women’s bodies. I’m really excited to be able to bring this to our Tease family!

Whether you’ve taken a belly dance class before or if you’re on the fence about belly dance, we sat down with Laura to ask her a few getting-to-know you questions about what students can expect during their Belly dance experience.

How long have you been belly dancing and how did you get started? 

I started about 10 years ago. I had recently divorced and made a pact with myself that I’d say “yes” to anything that wouldn’t kill me. A friend asked me to take a class with her. As soon as I saw the sparkly hip scarves, I was hooked!

Is there a style or technique you follow?

Egyptian and American Cabaret, mostly.

What should ladies wear for their first class?

Yoga pants or pole shorts are fine. I’d suggest a sports bra or form-fitting tank top so you can see what your mid-section is doing.

Do students knee to bring a hip scarf?

No, but it helps. A great site (reliable, quick delivery, fair prices) is Bellydance.com

Do you have any Belly Dancing idols?

Tons! Check out a few:

Not sure if this is your style? E-Mail Tease Dance and Fitness to ask about our intro classes.

Tease Dance and Fitness Announces new classes in March-April Schedule

MARCH APRIL scheduleTease Dance and Fitness is excited to announce new classes in our March-April 2018 schedule.

This upcoming session we are offering more morning classes, as well as Belly Dance, Lap Dance, Curvy Girl classes, Returning Pole, and more Aerial classes throughout the week.

We’ll be talking more in-depth about each new class we’re offering here on the blog.

Don’t miss out on our new spring offerings! Reserve your spot today!

Tease Students Offer Advice for Handling Pole Dancing Queries

Jessica“You’re taking WHAT kind of class?”

“Pole Dancing? Like Stripper Class?”

If you’ve taken a pole dancing class or are considering a class but aren’t sure how people will react, we’ve got a few pointers.

We recently asked the students at Tease Dance and Fitness how they’ve responded to friends or family’s queries into their workout.

Here are a few responses:

People are always really shocked when I tell them and say it doesn’t seem like something I’d do. I tell them “well, I guess you don’t know me as well as you thought you did”

It builds so much confidence and body positivity which is helpful for my job working in mental health. Especially with coworkers I build on how powerful it could be for some of our sexual assault survivors to connect to their sexuality as something they can have control of and be proud of.

I always say that Pole Dancing is the most giving sport for women. It does not discriminate in the least bit. Women of all color, shapes, size are welcome and loved. It’s about building confidence and strength and coming to terms with your own sexuality. You are your biggest critic. And there’s so many variations of pole work.

I stopped worrying what others thought a long time ago, I think that is one of the steps of pole dancing. You share info, but you can’t change a persons perception, and if my honest testimonial isn’t enough for them,well so be it.

I call it pole dance fitness which seems to work well. Really most people find it interesting and if they don’t I show them a video…that usually does the trick.

Visit Tease Dance and Fitness to sign up for your next class today. You can now read our student testimonials on our website and see what others have to say.