Meet SIS! (Strength in Sisterhood)

I’m so beyond excited to share with you that we have been approved by the state of Illinois and have officially started the nonprofit corp that has been on my heart for years. Over the next few weeks we will be making some powerful announcements about new resources available to you ladies and eventually the entire local community. Along with some of the most loving, nurturing, committed women I have ever met, we just finished up our second board meeting and are officially approved by the State of Illinois to go forward. The new corporation is called Strength in Sisterhood (SIS for short). In order to keep this post relatively short, we will just start with sharing our mission statement and an abbreviated list of the services offered. Here goes!

Strength in Sisterhood’s Mission Statement:

Strength in Sisterhood’s sole purpose is to empower women to be their best, healthiest self in every area of their lives. Through the support of our dedicated, passionate volunteers we provide peer counselling, education and mentoring to those in need with an abundance of guidance, nurturing and companionship.

Mission areas:
1. Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Guidance and Support
2. Physical Health Support
3. Financial Health and Education
4. Career/Educational support and mentoring

From here on out, we will continue to keep you updated as we go through “construction” and keep you informed of what’s under the “hood” in Sisterhood! If you have any questions at all, or would like to have a “big sis” to walk alongside you, or you would like to volunteer, please call me directly at 630-901-9697, or email me at We have over 50 volunteers already who are ready and wanting to do life with you. We will pair you with someone who has been through a similar situation and come out the other side with a heart to help.

SIS Board of Directors:
Kristin French McNabb
Lynzhi Cothrine
Laura O’Hara Jackson
Maureen Gasek
Jessica Hatton
Melissa Woolever
Erin Alyssa

Final note on this (so much for a short post!) all services that are provided are volunteer based. This is something that is available to you, your friends, family, neighbors, or anyone you know in need at no charge. If there is something we aren’t able to help with, we have a comprehensive and trusted list of professionals to refer you to. Any and all correspondence and conversations will be held in the strictest of confidence based on our bi-laws.

With humble hearts,
Kristin & Your SIS board of directors and volunteers