Open pole classes will be available this summer

Tease Dance and Fitness is offering OPEN POLE classes for its students. The open pole classes can be done at your leisure to stay brushed up for the fall!

We will be offering these classes this session at the following day/times:

Tuesday: 8:10pm
Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 5pm
Friday: 6:35pm
Saturday: 1:15pm

Each class is 90 minutes and will give you time to warm up and work on anything that you like that you have ALREADY learned.  You must have completed level 1 or higher to take an open pole class.

We will only have 6 women in a class so reservations are REQUIRED to participate.

The costs are as follows:
1 open pole class: $35
package of 4 open pole classes: $120 ($30 each)  You can register for these classes on the website.

Please note the day/times of the classes you plan to attend in the notes section when you check out.  You can also call the studio to register.


Open Pole Nights for Tease Students in November

A lot of you having been asking for it, so I’m bringing it back! OPEN POLENIGHT!!! It’s a one time only class dedicated to perfecting your poletricks and transitions (think you can’t get that pole dance or fairy, wellthink again – you can and you will!). You also will be able to work on yourdance routine to smooth out any of the rough spots you might be havingtrouble with. The costs of this class is $35 and it will run about 90minutes. In order for this class to run there must be a minimum of 5students, maximum of 10. It’s available to all current students and allprevious students (it’s perfect if you’re taking this session off and planon coming back next session, you’ll be able to brush up on your skills).

The dates of this class is as follows:
Monday Nov. 10th at 8pm
Friday Nov. 14th at 6:30pm
Saturday Nov. 15th at 1:30pm

Remember, there must be a minimum of 5 students in order for the class torun. If the class gets canceled I will inform you and try to fit you intoanother class. So Ladies, sign up today to reserve your spot!!!