Hot Mamas Pregnancy Class

We have had a pregnancy class in the works here at Tease for years now.  The only thing we didn’t have is the perfect person to teach it!  Bring on Karry Anderson!

Karry Anderson is an original basement girl! She has been apart of the Tease sisterhood for years and was one of Kristin’s very first students.  You can trace back just about every massage therapist we have to this incredible woman.  Over the years her passion for Tease hasn’t waned, and her passion for women has grown leaps and bounds!  Karry is also just about the funniest, most outgoing person you could ever meet.  I am so proud to call her a friend and so excited that she is bringing her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm to our “HOT MAMAS” class!

This class will consist of meditation, perfect stretches for preganancy, “core” and “floor” ( pelvic floor that is!) work, pre-natal yoga, stability ball work, gentle pole work (no air for these girls) and a sexy routine that shows off your curves!!! Suited for all pregnant women from week 6-40 as long as you bring in your doctor’s note.  Our philosophy for this class is that it keeps you healthy and feeling sexy while preparing you for the birth process and being a mommy!!!!!

This is a  week class.  Each class is 90 minutes long and will be held on Wednesday’s at 6:30 on the following days:

August 5th
August 12th
August 19th
August 26th

Space is limited and we have a whole lotta knocked up Teasers, so sign up now!!!  The class will run $135 for the 4 weeks.

About Karrie:
I am so excited to be apart of your Hot Mama journey!  I believe that the transition from woman to mother is a beautiful, natural & sexy transition & it should be celebrated! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist  and a  Birth Doula. I am a mother myself and longed to take a pole class when I was pregnant.  So hold on to your gorgeous bellies, Tease has a fun, sexy class designed just for you hot mamas too be!

Welcome Karrie and Hot Mamas!!!