Flirtease Dance and Fitness hosting lap dance class February 8

Naperville, Illinois-based Flirtease Dance and Fitness will be hosting a Lap Dance class on Sunday, February 8 from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. 

In this ladies-only class (sorry fellas!), expect to learn a saucy lap dance/strip routine while surrounded by 10 of your closest new friends. Have a friend you want to take the class with? Even better!

You’re encouraged to bring props, heels and whatever else makes you feel sexy. 

Wine will be provided. 

The cost is $40 and is required as a down payment for the class.

E-mail Mary at Flirtease to sign up.


Considering Pole Dance Classes? A Few Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to find a great way to have fun while keeping fit, then look no further than Naperville, Illinois’ own FlirTease Dance and Fitness

Kristin Hubbard, President of FlirTease Dance and Fitness answered some of the most often asked questions about pole dance classes. 

1. Do I need to be really physically fit to do pole dance classes? 

 No, Flirtease is appropriate for all fitness levels and for women of all sizes, shapes and age.  We offer different variations of exercises to make sure everyone is challenged, but no one comprimises their health or safety. 

2. Do I need to wear really skimpy clothes? 

No, you don’t have to wear skimpy clothes!  The usual attire is yoga pants or shorts and a tank top.  As you get to level 2 and above, shorts are a must as you need the skin to pole contact to stick!  Make sure also that you don’t put any lotions on your hands or body before class as this will make you incredibly slippery!  We work out in bare feet, although you may choose to dance in heels after you get a few classes under your belt. 

3. Will it hurt? 

It won’t hurt, but I’m not going to lie to you here.  Pole dancers get bruises, period.  No matter what level you are, you will always get bruises.  Being super fair-skinned myself, I have come back from many a class looking like a battered wife.  But it doesn’t hurt while you are doing the moves, you’ll just notice the bruises later.  We actually look at these purple marks as medals of honor.  You’ll always see women chatting before class a comparing their ‘bodacious bruises”!  We recommend arnica cream to make them fade quickly. 

4. What can I expect to learn in an intro class? 

 Our “Teaser” (Intro) classes offer a 90-120 minute “taste of everything Flirtease!”  We begin with brief introductions after which we dim the lights for a more relaxed experience (the instructor is under a small spotlight in the center). Your teacher will lead you through a meditation, then our signature warm-up and workout.  After that, you will learn one or 2 new pole tricks…we’ll actually get you off the ground flyin’!  Then your instructor will treat you to a beautiful demo dance.  You’ll leave feeling exhillarated.  You’ll want to scream to the world “I LOVE FLIRTEASE!”

5. Are there professional strippers in any of the classes? 

 No, there are never any professional strippers.  These classes aren’t designed to cater to them. 

6. If I like the intro class, what can I do next? 

Next you sign up for an 8 week pole kittens class!  If you sign up at the intro class we’ll apply your $35 class fee to the total for the session ($250 for 8 weeks). 

7. If I’m unable to take a full session right now, what else can I do to stay involved? 

Get on the forum and read the blog or join our Facebook page!  You’ll be able to get tips and ideas from the other women in Flirtease plus some great photos! 

8. Are there any other women I can talk to to ask them what they’ve thought about the classe(s)?  

Absolutely!  Again, go on that forum and start asking questions or check out the student buzz tab on the website.  If you’re still not getting enough info, call the studio and we’ll get you in touch with a current student. 

9. Will I need my own pole at home?

Nah, you’ll be getting your fill of the pole in class.  We have 5 poles in the studio.  However, several of our students do decide to make the investment.  We suggest you wait until your second session because they cost around $300.  We can order you the pole you need in the studio.  Don’t try to do it on your own as there are many considerations you’ll want think about.  You don’t want to pay $50 to ship a pole back!